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Leila Mazz

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16. September 2017
A sweet and beautiful Lady with great sex appeal and a wonderful body!
Joined in Dez 2007

651 Kommentare
12. September 2017
SeXy - Good Show
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14. September 2017
When you see the age of a model like in the case of Leila Mazz,

the danger is that the prejudices immediately come up.

In Leila Mazz’s shows it’s clear that a good figure and performance

don’t have anything to do with age in her case.

Who wouldn’t like to be on a party with Leila on his/her side in her cocktail dress and on high heels?

Since that is not the reality, we have to do with her perfect show.

All the poleclips on high heels, also the Full nudity one’s. I like that.

In (pole)clip 19 she removes also her shoes and goes for the total nakedness.

Also in this show first stripping of the panties and later the dress.

As starting model seven years ago, she reminds me of Linda Elisson.
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