Sheer Essence by

Linda Elisson

 4.67 (274 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

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27. Juli 2017
Well, what can I say? Linda's beautiful and seductive as always. Call me picky but...f#!% that lousy swing, where the hell are my beloved Poledance Clips?!? It's the second show with Linda without them. I woulda overlooked that nasty string thong wedge cleaner (for I'm a panty guy), but a striptease show in an outfit like this without a single Poledance clip is a no go for me, sry. Everything else here is just fine, even though the heels go off in one single taskbar clip, that's a fact I can live with ;-) All in all I have to say I'm quite disappointed this coulda been great...
Joined in Feb 2017

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8. November 2017

Die wunderbare Linda Elisson in diesem sexy Outfit,

inklusive Nylons mit ihren schönen Beinen :)))

und ihr Hintern rundet die ganze Ausstrahlung perfekt ab!!!

bitte eine xxx-show mit ihr.....
Joined in Mär 2017

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21. Juli 2017
Sexy Girl. Nicht zu mager, süsses Lächeln, kleine Tittis, eine kleine pralle Pussy. Beim spreizen der Beine stehen ihre kleinen Pussylips leicht offen, so das mann die rosa innenseiten ihres Ficklochs sehen kann. Einfach geile Show.
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