I Want An A by

Linda Elisson

 4.66 (295 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

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14. Juli 2017
Finally: Linda Ellisson wants an "A". And hell yeah she's gettin one from me for sure. But not an "A+" I'm afraid. Cause Poledance clips are completely missing here....a pity! However, Linda's one helluva breathtaking beauty with perky tits, perfect legs and an ass to die for. And baby that smile...! She moves so soft and sensual while teasing with her skirt, removing that tie, holding "eye contact" all the time...this is really the art of seduction. That school girl uniform in my opinion is the best istripper cosplay in months. Great choice, my compliment for outfit and styling! And last but not least: Stockings and heels stay all the time...I'm in love! ;-)
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24. Oktober 2018
Einfach zum knuddeln-und perfekt für Zahnpasta Werbung.
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29. August 2018
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