Nightfall by

Katy Jones

 3.96 (207 Stimmen)

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Joined in Dez 2012

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4. Februar 2018
Katy Jones is an absolutely awesome looking babe. Perfect physique. Cannot fault her body in any way, or her looks.

Some members here have made negative comments about Katy's performance. Please ignore them. They're just crap. We should all be glad Katy is here, stripping for us. She could easily have been lost to the catwalk model industry. Please, buy this card & enjoy Katy's performance. It's sexy, sensual & she is the essence of femininty.

I love Katy's breasts & her constantly erect nipples. I love her figure, her lovely arse, & her gorgeous legs & feet. I particularly love her clean smooth looking genital area. Most importantly, I just love seeing her performing.

A must have card to enjoy sheer beauty in motion & femininity beyond belief.
Joined in Aug 2017

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18. August 2017
Katy is stunning. Just so beautiful. It's a shame she is not much of a dancer. She looks like such a nice girl. I am always happy when it is her turn on my screen.
Joined in Mär 2011

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11. April 2017
Katy Jones is an extremely beautiful model.

In her show she is a bit unsure (side away looks).

There are no pole clips. Missing the pole clips my rate is 4,5*.
Joined in Apr 2008

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14. April 2017
Who ever told Katy to become a stripper was right on the money, once she has more experience and relaxes more, she'll be brilliant 4.5/5
Joined in Feb 2015

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7. Mai 2017
At first i thought no good but the more i watched her i started to like. She is unsure of herseld but this is her first time and i think we need to give her time to get use to stripping. I must admit she has a very nice body. I especially love the erect nipples.

Will be buying more of her.
Joined in Okt 2010

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14. April 2017
To all the nay sayers all I can say is that I don't rate cards that often and when I do it is because I feel the girl is exceptional.

Katy is obviously a little inexperienced and a little unsure at times, however when watching her in fullscreen, at least in my own scenes, she is almost perfect. And she also moves well to the music I listen to.

To be honest her nipples alone are worth 5 stars - the rest of her is even better.

Make your own mind up on this one - don't let negative comments influence you too much.
Joined in Nov 2016

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22. April 2017
I voted 3 stars. I normally don't go below 4. She's clearly beautiful, but she's more just doing a series of poses together than dancing. It's a very "boring" show, after you get passed how pretty she is.

Her dancing is just very bad...I'm not getting more of her least not until I see reviews that say she's improved a lot.
Joined in Feb 2015

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21. April 2017
Katy Jones is an experienced and well trained, high class strip teaser. Her looks are Fabulous. That is to say, no, she is not a pole dancer/dancer. Old school lovers will put her beside Zusana Debnarova. My fantasy : the boys in the shop are to your left and a large mirror is to your right; all behind the camara. This might actually be the setup! Now re-interpret her eye movements if they leave the camera; you see? Far from letting alot of us down in 2017, IStripper has started it off with a Bang. Sorry XXX lovers, some welcome variety is here in Katy as she is poerty in motion; I kid you not.
Joined in Okt 2009

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12. April 2017
Impressed by this great start for Katy.

Ink-free, a lovely expressive face with gorgeous cheekbones

Cute extremities & erect nipples throughout.

Nice languid yet focussed movement style.

~The glances away from camera are quite momentary to inconsequential.

Real full nakedness and a good start to Totem

showcasing the undressing of legs more

on their table scenes. rated 5
Joined in Mär 2017

77 Kommentare
7. Mai 2017
I don't know why this card is getting such low ratings. It's a very enjoyable show, and the girl is extremely good looking. I recommend.

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