Nightfall by

Katy Jones

 3.97 (208 Stimmen)

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11. April 2017
The girl is very beautiful, but she looks very often off screen. She seems unsure sometimes what she's doing. No ploe clips at all. Only two full nudity clips and only one of them is close up, only one close up nudity clip, but three topless. that a way to little to get a good score from me.
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12. April 2017
Katy kommt in ihrer Show noch sehr unerfahren und unsicher rüber! Vielleicht wird ihre nächste Show besser sein?!
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13. April 2017
Girl is beautiful

but Show is a bit unprofessional and has some tipsy high heel scenes

Katy needs some training.

So Katy ????? Show ?????
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