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28. Juli 2017
I like this Show of Celeste ! - Because most of all because of this 3 Facts in my Opinion.: First of all Celeste looks really good and of course beautiful in general or basically, Secondly she is also not a really bad/worse performer but also not good or real good performer - like Merry Pie, Anna Tatu, Linet A or Lucy Li, Viola and even Angie Line for example - but she is not worse or bad and THIRD - I like her long Black Hair very much ! Celeste largest negative Show item is just that she cannot happy smile - in fact it looks as if there was a Load or Burden on her mind - therefore she looks a bit too serious - but that is also all in my opinion. Good to me is also for THIS show the Pantyhose aspect. I know that Totem does normally not say NO- if a Girl ask for example - if she can do also one Show with a Pantyhose on....because she likes Pantyhoses personally etc.. So all in all basically not a bad Show that deserves in my Opinion - as explained - a justified rating between around 4.3 to 4.4 in fact. But I do give her a personal rating of 5.00 - this time - (instead of 4.5) because I like her much. LOL.
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28. Juli 2017
though I prefer blondes, I love her black hair very much. She's got sexy legs and a pretty face.

And.... bring more girls in pantyhose
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10. April
klasse Show in Pantyhose:-)
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