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Joined in Feb 2015

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19. Januar 2018
Eine sensationelle schöne Show von Karissa! Ihre sexy Ausstrahlung und ihr lieblliches Wesen sind einfach perfekt!!!

Bitte noch mehr Karten von ihr. I love it!!

Joined in Jan 2009

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7. April 2017
Sometimes a model and the outfit can be perfectly aligned, and I feel that this is the case here. Even the mask, which on some other models can feel tacky, fits perfectly with the air of mystery or aloofness Karissa can exude sometimes - this makes the card extra sexy and rewarding for me, and makes it her best show for me.
Joined in Mär 2011

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7. April 2017
Masked Karissa unmasks herself for men and women with masks.

If you like a show with several removals of stockings, then this is a show for you.
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