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Joined in Okt 2013

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27. März 2017
Whoa! As far as I'm concerned this show coulda been much longer. And it's been quite a while since I could say something like that at the end of a show.

Karissa knows how to play with her perfect outfit: Slowly taking off her clothes piece by piece, smooth, soft and sensual, almost hypnotic. She's working the pole like a lover would do, performing the perfect strip show, I simply couldn't take your eyes off her. At the beginning of clip #17 Karissa is fully dressed and the first thing to go is her panty. Do I need to say more? *pantyless upskirt alert* The game is all teasing and no pleasing, she's playing with my mind and last but not least she never takes off her shoes!!! :D Thank you very much Karissa for a perfect and entertaining show.
Joined in Feb 2015

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16. Januar 2018
Very nice Karissa! Du bist sehr niedlich und total sexy in deiner Show!! Mach weiter so.

Joined in Nov 2008

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25. März 2017
super fine
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