In Full Bloom by

Shyla Jennings

 4.14 (139 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2009

36 Kommentare
10. Februar 2017
Geile Frau , könnt mehr Shows von ihr machen :D
Joined in Nov 2016

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11. Februar 2017
4 stars. She pretty, but honestly just not really a preference for me. Her dancing is only average. Her body is nice, but I wouldn't say great for iStripper standards..

She has a nice smile, and makes good eye contact. Those would be her strengths.

The tattoos don't really do much for me, and I wish they weren't there.

If you're a "small tits, big bush, marginal dancing" guy, this is probably a great card...I'm not among that group.
Joined in Jul 2014

7 Kommentare
10. Februar 2017
So glad to have Shyla join iStripper!! Definitely worth it. Cannot go wrong with Ms. Jennings.
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