Sorority Party by

Natalia Starr

 4.51 (162 Stimmen)

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25. März 2017
Pros: Natalia Starr is a charming, natural beauty with the perfect curves and a delicious looking shaved pussy. Top and skirt seem to fit her perfectly. She seems to enjoy herself, is smiling a lot and the show's got lots of Poledance clips which in fact are quite good, I'd even say above average. Last but not least the entire show is on heels, not a single naked foot to be seen here. Love it!

Cons: Simply the thong. It's not a big deal but I'd prefer a panty over a thong any day.

Oh and I disabled clip no 18 cause I felt it was too much finger action in it but hey...that's just me I'm a little strange sometimes ;-)
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8. März 2017
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15. Oktober 2018
i love school outfit
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