The Real Deal by

Antonia Sainz

 4.65 (285 Stimmen)

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17. Januar 2017
Well this is what I call a total waste of creds! Clumsy "dance moves" with tits shaking over and over again. No Poledance clips, but lots of that stupid swing instead. Not to mention way too much naked feet clips. I could swear the naked feet tag wasn't there when I bought the show a few days ago. And to top it all, someone in the comment section says the heels stay on throughout the whole show??? Is that so, huh? So please pal: Tell me where!!! *lol* Last but not least: Too much of that explicit self pleasing bullshit. For me this has nothing to do with striptease but I guess that is, more than anything else, a matter of personal taste.

Luckily there are in fact a few things who save this show from complete failure: First that awesome secretary outfit, it's perfect office reality cosplay! Second, the great upskirt clips and of course the fact that this chick is indeed hot.

I think I'll delete this "real deal" anyway. *sigh* A pity.
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15. Januar 2017
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11. Oktober 2017

Antonia Sainz ist außergewöhnlich heiß.

Eine obersexy Frau mit einem extrem tollen Outfit und einem richtig geilen Körper.

Wenn sie meine Sekretärin wäre,

würde ich mich jeden Tag an ihr vergehen!!!

volle punktzahl für dieses scharfe geschoss.....
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