Light in the Dark by

Jayme Langford

 4.31 (112 Stimmen)

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Joined in Dez 2007

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9. Januar 2017
Dear Jayme, I love you! I'm very old, but you're my favorit.

Liebe Jayme, ich liebe dich. Ich bin sehr alt, aber du bist meine Favoritin.

Best wishes to you.

Joined in Nov 2008

270 Kommentare
23. Juli 2017
thx thx kisssss ...
Joined in Mär 2011

629 Kommentare
12. Januar 2017
Some models fascinate me like hell. Don’t know why.

Jayme Langford is one of them. Right from the start.

Is it because I have in my avater a Norwegian fjord and Jayme has ford in her name?

Is it because of her ponylike hair remembering me of Francoise Hardy and Touts les garcons et filles de mon age?

Clip 17 Standing and (nude) walking across the screen shows everything what I mean.

Best comments on Jayme: read bartwir.
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