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Kimmy Granger

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Joined in Okt 2013

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28. April 2017
Kimmy Granger's one unbelieveably hot student! Outfit's great but that top is ridiculously small. However I can live with it if you know what I mean ;-)

Poledancing is above average, the clip variation is great even if I don't need that swing...

Beautiful pussy btw. and that ass! Show's got a bunch of naked feet clips but what really pushes down my rating is that pussy rubbing in four or even five clips...I just don't like that. But giving four stars wouldn't have been fair cause everything elese is just fine here. So what else can I say except: In the next live I want to be Kimmy's tie...or thong :-P
Joined in Okt 2014

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7. September 2018
Actually, she is not really my type but this card is incredible. Damn she knows how to move her body.
Joined in Jan 2017

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31. Januar 2017
Nice Face cute Boobs sexy Legs a fine ASS and awesome Pussy with dekohair and she know how to move her great Body it is a great Show more please.
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