Summer Daze by

Genevieve Gandi

 4.59 (235 Stimmen)

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15. November 2016
I do like Genevieve very much - as she has a very stunning all Young Lady Erotic-Sexappeal ! - She is a good Performer as well - sometimes in between also very good. On behalf of Erotic Performance she may improve within a short period of time - I presume. In Additon the Outfit is also basically the very best of almost 10 or more recent Cards ! - Nice red Shirt, white Short Pants and Red High Heels is a good Combination. Although I wish that there will be more true Fetish like resp. Lingerie Outfits also with Stockings etc. - many Dresses are too simple and no real Erotic Outfits. Therefore I would wish that Totem will produce more Cards with more Erotic fetishlike Outfits - that will have also more non-naked and just topless etc. clips than normally and lesser all-naked clips. For the all-naked lovers and Fans there may be still plenty of more or less simple dresses resp. Cards which will have a normal or quite high amound of all-naked etc. Clips..Out of 10 different new Shows there could be for example 3-4 (more) Erotic Lingerie Cards also with Stockings of all - 3 - different major kinds and approx. 6 "normal" Shows with more all-naked stuff.
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15. Juni 2018
lovely girl

... waitung for XXX-clips ...
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15. November 2016
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