Southern Style by

Genevieve Gandi

 4.61 (286 Stimmen)

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8. November 2016
What the heck was that??? Gorgeous show from a flawless beauty in a kind of girl next door outfit with fuck me shoes and a trimmed honey pot? Check! A charming smile, a long blond mane and lots of "eye contact" to the camera? Check! Good clip balance and Poledance skills clearly above average? Check! The whole show is on heels, no naked feet to be seen? Check! All teasing and no self pleasing which means absolutely no explicit finger fucking bullshit whatsoever? Check! Sexy and unbelieveably seductive moves with lots of play and....yeah I would even say flirting? Check! Perfect show for me and worth every single credit? Hell yeah, dammit...check! ;-D
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17. April
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28. Oktober 2016
Amazing girl with a beautiful hot body and magnificent long legs. The heels stayed on in the standing clips as it's supposed to be. great. Can't wait to see her in black lingerie and black stockings. More please !
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