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Alessandra Jane

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17. Oktober 2016
Alessandra Jane is smokin hot with perky tits, a wonderful ass, well shaped legs and a belly to die for. Sweet smile too! ;-) The outfit: Even though I'm not so much into fetish stuff the outfit is perfect for me with bra, panty (no thong, love it!), stockings with suspenders and heels. That crop is one nice accessoire too! However that mask from the card picture is missing completely. A pity, woulda been great t have it for one or two clips...

The show: Good balance between standing, taskbar and Poledance clips. Alessandra's movin nice and slow and I like it when she's playing with the crop. Poledancing qualities are average I'd say. 17 clips is perfect length for me. I disabled 3 clips cause I felt it was too much explicit finger action. I just don't like that very much for this is stripping, not porn. Stockings and suspenders stay all the time, heels go for one or two clips, but the Poledance clips are completely in high heels!!! No naked feet to be seen which means perfect for me! All in all I have to say this is a great card, well worth the creds and a great addition for my collection!
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3. Oktober 2016
wunderschön und sexy
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29. September 2016
Perfect - - LOVE YOU
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