Sweet Deception by

Casey Calvert

 3.55 (141 Stimmen)

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15. Juli 2016
Casey ist echt super heiss nur das sie jetzt

blonde Harre hat finde ich nicht gut das steht ihr garnicht, mit ihren schwarzen Harren von der ersten Karte gefält sie mir besser da finde ich sie viel heisser,ich hoffe wenn noch mehr Karten von ihr kommen das sie wieder schwarze Harre hat,ansonsten finde ich sie super HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
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23. Juli 2016
It's in Truth really a good Show - that deserves normally/generally a higher and quite high Rating. It's a good to very good performance, very Erotic, good Outfit and the Angel Blonde Wig is more of Advantage and Fantasyfilled rather then of Disadvantage ! - Because Casey looks good and even better with this Hair Colour and Hairstyle of the Wig ! - And it was an nice Idea as well - basically. The main one and only Disadvantage of the Show however is the Wig itself who is a litte bit Cheap looking - I mean by that it is not the best Wig - not even in a cheap Segment - because there are much better cheap or cheaper blonde etc. Wigs on the Market that look more like realistic like this one - still for 50-75/80 Dollars etc..that's the only more or less negative Aspect of the Show - apart from that - it's a real good to great Show.
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15. Januar 2017
I got this card from a mystic box. Face, fingers and body looks somehow like shemale. Not my favor.
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