Shy Student by

Casey Calvert

 4.06 (170 Stimmen)

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3. Juli 2016
Casey Calvert is one delicious and sexy sweet little chick! Yummie, yummie, yum yum. Her haistyle in this show and the fact that the skirt has a zipper and no velcro makes the whole school girl thing feel all the more realistic. She teases a lot with no pleasing, no finger action at all. I like that cause after all this is a strip show and no porn movie godammit.

She moves like a cat, really knows how to turn on with very good "eye contact" to the camera all the time. Clip balnace is good: Lots of standing and taskbar, a few on the swing, four pole dance clips. And even though the shoes goe off way too often in this show...well, actually in many clips they are missing right from the start...however the knee socks stay all the time. There's a certain something about Casey that...I dunno the best way to describe it is: BONER ALERT!!! ;-)
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29. Juni 2016
Casey ist echt super HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

hoffe es kommen noch sehr viel mehr Karten von ihr sie ist echt super sexy
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29. Juni 2016
I´m very happy for this show - Beautiful
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