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Lana Rey

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Joined in Dez 2009

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10. Juni 2016
Scharfes Girl, Scharfes Outfit, Tolle Show!

Bitte mehr davon!!! :-)

Joined in Jan 2014

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15. Dezember 2016
Forget being a pacifist: Lana makes you hailing to the red army – no matter which country you’re from, now you see why those communists were holding up their fists. Watching her stripping down and lashing that whip, you instantly want to stop listening to those soft tunes from Lana Del Rey because it’s ultimately time for some Laibach music. If you want YOUR red army marching into your holy gun, then buy this card and enjoy getting steeled, disciplined and militarized! :)

  • Note that this review is humorous and only about (roleplay) fantasies. No military propaganda intended AT ALL :) Peace, everyone. -
Joined in Mär 2008

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12. Juni 2016
Super Model - 5 Sterne - aber das dauert ja ewig, bis sie aus den Klamotten kommt.

Ich will einen Strip sehen und keine Modenschau. Daher 1 Stern Abzug!
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