Sexy And Sweet by

Lana Rey

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Joined in Okt 2013

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28. Mai 2016
Very sexy, with the perfect body and despite the fact that she's certainly not a dancer, Lana delivers a great show, moving all the time and seems to give everything here. Outfits a +++! The heels go now and then but stockings stay all the time. Average on the Pole, superb "eye contact" to the camera. Good clip variation even if I deactivated four clips cause I felt it was too much explicit finger action and I really don't wanrt to see that in my striptease shows.
Joined in Mär 2016

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28. Mai 2016
You know that an outfit is really great, when you almost regret the moment, when the girl loses it. Ultimately this means, that Lana looks as sexy dressed as she does naked.

In this sexy&sweet-collection there is a pole-dance where Lana moves really slowly (not a slo-mo!). If you can do this, you must be really self-aware and know exactly what you are doing.

Lana´s eyes and smile make her pretty face unforgettable. A finer detail: her pussy-lips pure perfection. Combined with this beautifully shaped ass, make her physical attributes even more exciting.
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27. Mai 2016
sexy, geil, hammer danke schön ...............
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