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Joined in Dez 2007

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28. Januar 2017
Süßer Anblick. Sie zu sehen macht glücklich. Wundervolle Augen, schönes Gesicht, feine Brüste. Ansonsten sehr zierlich.

Wish many Luck for you, lovely Dakota
Joined in Jun 2013

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17. September 2018
the longer I have her in my collection, the more I like her. She is hypnotizing (spelled the American way with a"z", actually a lot of "zzzzzzz"s), mesmerizing. Don't even know, if she is so beautiful, yes, she's really cute, but beutiful, I don't know, but she is so fucking amazing. She keeps eye contact, she a cool actress: love you baby!! 20/20
Joined in Nov 2008

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15. Januar 2017
Please come again
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