Pirate by

Jillian Janson

 4.34 (239 Stimmen)

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2. September 2016
Eher langweilig.
Joined in Mär 2011

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19. Februar 2016
Jillian Janson got everything what makes those LA-girls so gorgeous. Pirate not of the Caribbean, but of my screen. Jillian is a teaser by birth and she knows it! I love her outfit also! What a girl!! And those red lips. I like, no I love you!!!!
Joined in Mai 2008

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20. Februar 2016
Jillian is a 10. Before you do your review google her up on Free Ones. My point is that although she may be a little too tidy on Virtuagirl, she is actually a 10 overall.
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