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Abby Cross

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Joined in Mär 2011

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15. Januar 2016
Knowing Abby Cross from other sides, the Vegas Team did a great job to bring out the beauty of Abby. She looks like a distinguished lady, but also as a pinup. Definitely American, which differs from Europe. I especially like her hairdo (coiffure) and her makeup. Not being a poledancer she uses the pole in a creative way. The stockings don't go down just as the high heels stay on. This nurse is not in a hurry; patiently she does her work for the patients.
Joined in Mär 2012

839 Kommentare
26. Januar 2016
Lovely. Just lovely
Joined in Apr 2015

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15. Januar 2016
Love the hair and makeup. Abby is Magnificent, could follow her curves all day long.
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