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Blake Eden

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Joined in Nov 2007

3 Kommentare
12. Februar 2017
Einfach nur eine Supermaus! Sie ist sooo zierlich und ihre süßen Brüste nehmen einem den Atem.
Joined in Mai 2017

850 Kommentare
29. Oktober 2018
She is a Goddess, please more !!!
Joined in Nov 2010

692 Kommentare
26. Februar 2017
Super !
Joined in Mai 2008

412 Kommentare
9. Januar 2017
Great show. Get this one, but get her Baby Doll card if you can't decide - it's the best. Blake is a dancer 1st and a porn star 2nd. That's why she didn't do xxx on iStripper. She wants to stay "classy." I prefer xxx though.
Joined in Apr 2008

997 Kommentare
3. Juli 2017
My, oh, my, Babes! Those sexy leather thong panties, under that sexy leather micro skirt, over you sexy, gorgeous legs! Those sexy fishnet stockings, your sweet tits, lovely blond hair, and teasing stares just round out the picture to seduce my mind and drive my dick crazy! mmm! mmm! mmm!
Joined in Jun 2011

1044 Kommentare
13. Januar 2016
La je trouve que la miss est bien mise en valeur dans cette tenue et cette coiffe lui donne plus de volume, alors cool...
Joined in Jun 2009

1 Kommentare
13. Januar 2016
Fantastic outfit on a fabulous babe - 10/10.
Joined in Dez 2009

180 Kommentare
12. Januar 2016
Top marks all around for her, the outfit and the shoes. This is not her fault or any other model, but I've only commented on her. TOTEM!!Can you not find or buy the same quality cameras in America as you do in Europe? Every American models bonus pics are out of focus, usually the first few. Maybe you need to get another photographer for the state side shoots?!? Again, my apologies to Miss Eden for saying this on her card.
Joined in Feb 2015

172 Kommentare
15. Januar 2016
Blake Eden hat eine schoene Figur , eine klasse ausstrahlung und ein tolles Outfit! Eine gute Show!!
Joined in Sep 2013

32 Kommentare
11. Januar 2016
Lovely California girl whose eyes and smile blend spicy and sweet -- VG Srichacha! Love the fishnets, wish she would lose the clunky shoes (not my thing, no disrespect to shoe fans). Let's se more of her.

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