Georgia Peach by

Anya Ivy

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Joined in Aug 2009

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20. Januar
I remember when Anya's cards were first being released, I recall wanting to check out more of her after watching her bonus video clip. For whatever reason, I got sidetracked and never did get back to her. Until now. This is one hell of an amazing woman that I shouldn't have neglected as long as I did. After viewing her video clip again, I took the plunge and just bought all 6 of her shows. She is definitely going to be my new favorite for a while. Incredibly gorgeous woman, fantastic smile, beautiful ebony skin, and she looks soooo fine in any outfit she wears, super smokin' hot body in every way possible. Anya is what dreams are made of. I can only hope she'll return for more shows in the future, and maybe do some XXX shows the next time around - She would have my undivided attention.
Joined in Okt 2015

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30. Januar 2016
she is have good body but not dancing :(
Joined in Sep 2016

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17. Dezember 2016
Fairly conservative set of lingerie (for a striptease), hot dress, nice set of breasts, cheerful attitude, some basic pole skills, and not a single shot without panties.
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