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17. Juli 2016
Tricia Teen was doubtless not the very best and most beautiful VG/I-Stripper Girl but she looks generally fine, erotic and sexy fresh - later most of all also because of her short Hair Cut. With long Blonde Hair and a totally other Hairstyle she may look totally or quite much different. I think also almost doubtless that this Set was the very Best of her 8 Sets - most of all because of the Outfit which suits her well and very good and was a real good Outfit in General. - In additon also the Performance - at least in this Set was'nt bad at all. Worse is only that she almost never wears the Punky Boots of the Outfit in this Set during the Show - for reasons unknown - perhaps they were not comfortable, to tight or something - I/we dunno. - But all in all a Good Card in total and also the Photo Set of this Card is in total VERY good in my opinion and clearly above Average. So in Total really a show worth to buy - for anyone who likes her Outlook generally and who is not collecting only the Best shows in his own opinion but also several "only" good ones.
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15. März 2018

Tricia displays the same dynamic personality & performs with the same enthusiasm as her fellow Hunagrian, Melody Powers. Tricia even has a similar body type to Melody. However, unlike Melody Powers, Tricia does XXX & enjoys spreading her legs & playing with her incredibly sex beautiful pussy. Superb performance. I can't say enough in praise of Tricia.

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24. Dezember 2015
Tricia is one freaky firecracker, and shall not be contained. Her definition of rough may be stronger than mine :p
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