Smooth Criminal by

Lady Dee

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Joined in Feb 2017

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4. Oktober 2017
Lady Dee ist ein kleiner, geiler, süßer Satan!!!

Wie sie ihren jungen, straffen Körper in dem superscharfen Kleidchen bewegt ist schon der Hammer!!!

bin ein fan von ihr.....
Joined in Mär 2012

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22. Oktober 2017
Very Sexy Girl
Joined in Feb 2008

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7. Dezember 2015
I didn't expect much from Dee when I bought her first card, but it turned out she's sexy in a cute, charming way and she also is very sensual. Plus she has gorgeous hair and her skin looks very soft... I like her in many ways, she's part of my favourites now. I hope to see many more cards from that lovely young Lady!
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