Co-Ed Fever by

Elen Moore

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29. Oktober 2017

Ellen Moore ist umwerfend süß und mit der sexy Schuluniform verdient sie wahrlich Bestnoten.

Alle ihre Show`s versüssen mir den Tag.

Dafür bin ich ihr sehr sehr dankbar!!!

ich liebe das wundervolle mädel.....
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12. September 2016
Yeah she is lovley, and the outfit is sexy as hell. Her moves and looks are so cute and sexy. Unfortunally she does it all wrong with the outfit. she just take it off to fast. if you came here for stockings and heels you will be dissapoointed.
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2. Oktober 2015
With the sweat of Serena Wood still in the bra and the skirt Elen gives a show which matches perfect with her girllike appearance. Indeed very cute and I like the playing with the plaits (remember Sabrisse and Sarena, who do the same). The outfit is very sexy IMO.
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