Hometown Girl by

Cameron Dee

 4.31 (386 Stimmen)

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Joined in Feb 2015

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7. Juni 2016
Cameron hat eine gute Ausstrahlung. Ihr schöner Körper und Ihre schönen langen blonden Haare, machen die Show perfekt!
Joined in Feb 2017

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28. April 2017
Sie ist wirklich seeehr süß!!! Geiler Arsch und geile Tittchen mit interesantem Outfit!!! Gut gut.....
Joined in Okt 2013

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17. Juni 2015
First of all a little "foot note": She's wearing those wonderful high heels right from the start and until the very end of the show. 100% stripper shoe action, no naked feet. Love it!The girl: Wonderfully shaped hips and midriff. Long legs, delicious natural tits, long hair and a nice smile. Well defined muscles but not too much, just right. Not skinny at all just yummy yummy. Nipple piercing on both sides: A little distracting at first but quite sexy once you got used to it.The outfit: cut off jeans, high heels and a cream-colored top, thong underneath. Real life kinda girl next door beach outfit.The show: Lots of pole dance clips, a fine balance between standing, taskbar and pole clips. "Eye contact" to the camera is always there. She plays with her long hair, I like that. Given the fact that Cameron's a porn star the amount of explicity in this show is more than acceptable. A little finger action now and then but never too much. Great debut, must have card, thanks Cameron!
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