Red Carpet Starlet by

Kiara Lord

 4.48 (312 Stimmen)

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Joined in Mär 2008

32 Kommentare
16. Oktober 2017
A very hot woman and overall a great show but as already mentioned she is partially offscreen in a few clips. Who had such a silly idea at Totem? Totally inacceptable and a big dissapointment Totem!!!
Joined in Nov 2010

692 Kommentare
26. Februar 2017
Super !
Joined in Dez 2009

53 Kommentare
6. Januar 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 1

Low profile shoes: yes and shoes come off +2

Barefoot clips: some +1

Special factors:

+.5 for a terrific smile and beautiful pokey nipples. Definately a show I like to watch in full.
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