Hold Me Tight by

Lucy Heart

 4.54 (414 Stimmen)

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25. Dezember 2016
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20. März 2015
What a beauty, and with this tight little black dress she looks really HOT . LUCY deserve a 10/10 . I cant wait to see another cards from her.
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21. März 2015
Wow, what a debut show! Lucy Heart really took my heart (and a few other things too) by storm! She's a wonderful natural beauty with long, blond hair and she's so beautiful! I LOVE that tight, black dress combined with those high heels! Lucy's so sensual on the pole I just can't get enough of her, even though I've been watching her show several times now since I purchased it right away without even waiting for the demo! And buying a show from a girl I don't know without waiting for the demo is something that happens...rarely to say the least. But this show's a total winner, a must have card in every collection. If you love beautiful women buy this show! Believe me you won't regret it. Thank you very much for a great show Lucy. You really got me going...
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