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Joined in Mai 2009

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8. März 2015
A nice set from Kyra here, although the outfit has been seen before. the "wardrobe malfunction" in the one clip is unexpected (even by her) but fun and she does a nice save. stepping her dancing up a bit which is also fun, my only complaint being she wanders to the left a bit too much on the stage here and maybe Totem needs to look in to making sure the clips are centered better. I noticed she has a different color lipstick here, most likely due to all the collogen comments by others who are obviously unfamiliar with Kyra and have never seen any of her porn clips. this only proves her lips are natural, wich was already obvious from her photos. a dazzling smile as always and looks to be having fun during the shoot. she is flirty yet shy, as has always been her trademark. looking forward to more shows from this curvy hottie, and have rated all her shows a 10 because she always scores high on the boner-meter for me. always a treat to watch in any case.
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6. März 2015
WOW WOW das ist eine ganz super heisse SHOW von KYRA besonders das rote Kleid

sieht super klasse an ihr aus ist bis jetzt die beste CARD von ihr HOOOOOOOOOOOOT


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6. März 2015
I have to say out of the three cards thus far from Kyra, this is my favorite. There is good dancing, high energy. She smiles a lot and I really like the outfit, she has fun with it (you'll see what I mean.) If you liked her other shows, or haven't tried any of her shows before, this would be the one I would recommend at this point. Really good show.
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