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Anna Polina

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1. April
A hot card, thank you!!! Anna is so sexy I love her !!!
Joined in Jun 2012

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9. Dezember 2014
Russian magic ! Unbelievable body and irresistible face.

This girl kinda reminds me of Natalia, I'm glad Totem chose her. She may have fake boobs, but they're pretty decent indeed. The surgery done well on Anna. Nice dance moves too. Very rythmy, but various and entertaining.
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11. Dezember 2014
Anna dances are great She really can dance and that makes it worthwhile to buy her show. About her fake boobs: unfortunately they make the figure of a model not better; the proportions are distorted. God created a woman on a certain way (Et Dieu crea la Femme - French movie 1956 with Brigitte Bardot). For the show:10. For Anna 9 because of the fake boobs.
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