Novice Lawyer by

Anna Polina

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Joined in Sep 2013

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1. April
Hot and Sexy Anna Polina is an Erotic Goddess. She is so hot and seductive, worth a sin !!!
Joined in Jul 2014

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17. Oktober 2017
Eine schöne Frau und auch auch geiler Körper.Nur schade das ihre Brüste nicht echt sind.
Joined in Jul 2013

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9. Mai 2017
OMG if they actually had lawyers like the lovely Anna Polina I'd get into trouble on purpose (I mean who the F wouldn't???)...

Come to think of it...I've been really naughty so I'm gonna need you to be my lawyer pretty please Miss Polina! You are the best lawyer in the entire universe!!! I adore you...and yes I do have your card (obviously) if I can only find your number o_O
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