French Maid by

Anna Polina

 4.27 (556 Stimmen)

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9. September 2016
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1. April
Wonderful Maid and Erotic Show. I love Russian women!
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10. Dezember 2014
I am a sucker for the French Maid outfit and theme and Anna Polina really fills this sexy costume out well. This Russian hottie has a beautiful build with well-done big fake breasts and a lovely smile. Her build matches the tits, so nothing is out of whack, though she does have a fairly flat hind end.Anna's performance is mostly about the striptease and showcase, with a lot of movement and dancing as she sways around the screen. She is a good desktop performer, though her overall show is not all that innovative or new.A great card and one worth getting. Definitely a good first entry for this buxom Russian.
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