Dark Viper by

Amber Cute

 4.08 (285 Stimmen)

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21. November 2014
Amber is a natural 'storyteller' performer..her glide movements, her pole caresses, her eyes & her facial expressions uncoached, confident, spontaneous and intimately shared with the camera.

Amber looks like she has studied Tatu, Blue Angel and other artistes and drawn these into her own style splendidly. Dancers such as this can make 100 shows as far as I'm concerned. I will buy & treasure them all. 10+
Joined in Sep 2016

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14. Dezember 2016
Not the prettiest woman, but mostly the problem is her makeup. I don't generally care, but even I noticed that her foundation on her face did not match her skintone . That said, she does several shows without panties, so I have to give her full marks out of sheer principle of the matter.
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1. Dezember 2014
Amber is SEX PERSONIFIED! Nothin more to say.
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