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13. Februar 2015
AMAZING!! I have commented about ATHINA before, but I don't think I used enough caps. ATHINA IS A GODDESS!! She belongs in my bed, and if my wife objects, she can leave! I'll even show her the front door if she can't find it. Seriously, I love every part of ATHINA's body. I'm not usually an ass man, but I adore her sweet butt, and her gorgeous pussy, and her toned tummy and her fantastic breasts... I repeat, ATHINA is a GODDESS!! Please, totem, give us more of her. I swear on my wife's mother's life (no, really, I swear) I will buy every card she is ever in.
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7. September 2014
This babe smokes! Before sex, especially during sex, and even after sex. She is the first 10 that I have awarded in a long absence. Her bod and face could easily belong to a tranny, but her moves are such spectacular self-pleasuring that I must recommend her most highly.

BTW, in no way am I implying she is a tranny, just that her bod and face are androgynously feminine. Kinda like south-southwest instead of a more straightforward South(full feminine)or West(full androgynous). The world is more analog than digital if you get my drift.
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22. September 2016
This Girl Is sexy mmmm! She's horny
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