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Chelsy Sun und Amber Daikiri

 4.19 (160 Stimmen)

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Joined in Mär 2008

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25. Juni 2014
One comment for Bad4Good Have you ever heard of using your imagination? It's better than any sound track. But thanks for letting us know that there is no sound on some of the cards.

On another note these girls remind me of the NFC (Nude fighting Club). It's definitely not your slow sensual kissing its in your face slap down lets get to it style. I'll give a 10 because I like Amber's pert, pink tities. Chelsy's tities are just as nice.
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27. Januar 2018
Sizzling sex show! So amazing to watch two lovely girls going "all the way" with each other. An erotic experience to shake the senses.
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27. April 2017
Grade F (Not Great). (XXX/DB Card). 5.5/10.0. Chelsey Sun is very Cute and Amber is Not Ugly. A Below Average Card with Two B-Cup Girls Making Out.
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