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Chelsy Sun

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Joined in Feb 2018

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Vor 27 Tagen
Very very horny Girl; nice titts and a hit asshole! Likes to show her ass. And cute sound too!!
Joined in Jun 2012

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11. Juni 2014
Chelsy Sun is a flaming hot brunette and oh god, I love her face. There's something in her eyes that is unique and irresistible. But for god's sake, eat Chelsy ! You're too skinny, men love curves and you almost look unhealthy. Hopefully, it's not as disturbing as with Gina Gerson, but don't waste your huge potential and EAT !

Except that point, I'd say the show is really solid, she finally looks at the camera as I was hoping, so I'm very glad about this card. Keep up the good work!
Joined in Jan 2012

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17. Juni 2014
sie macht eine richtig gute show,kein fake ,der dildo ist richtig scön tief drin ,guter ton sie stöhnt sehr schön und man kann sogar das nasse fötzchen;; schmatzen,, :) hören, die titten koennten etwas grösser sein,so sind sie aber wenigstens echt,eine niedliche pussy und ein recht ansehlicher arsch
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