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Jessie Jazz

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Joined in Feb 2017

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1. September 2017
Jessie Jazz ist eine superheisse Stute mit einem tollen Arsch. Wenn sie den großen Dildo in ihr feuchtes Fötzchen schiebt, kommt das schon total gut!!!

anal wäre auch schön.....
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26. Februar 2017
Super ! Super !
Joined in Jul 2010

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14. März 2014
If you ever fantasised about Jessica Simpson doing herself with a nice big dildo, this is probably as close as you'll get.

Jessie is great - natural boobs, fit, and appears to enjoy the large dildo she's chosen to play with.

I haven't forensically gone through each individual clip, but I don't think Jessie does anal. That is not a negative point, however, she's hot doing what she does and it would get boring if all the girls did the same stuff in every single clip.

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