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Nataly Gold

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13. März 2014
Very charming girl, I love her mouth and the way she opens it when she gets close to orgasm. Her voice is a good point too, and her performance is really entertaining.
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21. April 2018
Clip Notes™ for c0543 - Nataly Gold/Solo

Red dress, bra, panties, black heels

4. 3:45- Table, Topless; Rubbing

5. 2:43- Table, XXX; Rubbing, orgasm

6. 2:52- Table, XXX; Rubbing, possible orgasm

7. 3:59- Table, XXX; Oral on dildo, rubbing, dildo

8. 2:38- Table, XXX; Oral on dildo, rubbing, dildo

9. 3:58- Table, XXX; Rubbing, dildo, oral on dildo

10. 2:53- Table, XXX; Oral on dildo, dildo,

11. 3:28- Table, Full nudity; Oral on vibrator, rubbing

12. 2:37- Table, XXX; Anal vibrator, rubbing, A2M, possible orgasm

13. 3:50- Table, XXX; Anal vibrator, rubbing, A2M, possible orgasm

14. 1:31- Table, XXX; Anal vibrator, A2M
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27. Februar 2014
If you love tiny tits Nataly is right for you. She pounds her pussy with her pink toy resuting in very believable orgasms. She blows that toy in a way that will make any man explode. If you're as big a fan of anal as I am you need look no further than what she does here. Nataly takes it every way possible and doesn't disapoint. We all have different tastes, but this is as good hard core solo as you will ever find on DB. In my opinion it is a must have.
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