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Joined in Feb 2017

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31. Januar 2018

Paloma Ass ist ein heißer kurviger Fickschlitten.

Eine perfekte 18 jährige Sexsklavin!!!

outfit ist scheiße.

ein einteiliger badeanzug, anstatt dieser "windel",

wäre besser gewesen.....
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5. November 2013
Paloma Ass is a beautiful newcomer to DeskBabes with big natural breasts, a very hot and exotic look, and a very sexy style. She is not very imaginative in her solo performance here, though, falling short of being a perfect 10.

Despite that, her show is still very good. She knows what she's got and how to show it off and her solo moves, while nothing new, are well-done and her great body keeps interest levels up.

A good card and one worth getting, especially for those looking for a hot new black babe to watch.
Joined in Jan 2013

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14. Dezember 2013
Cums with toy, not by her own hand. Great segment after she comes with her toy of simulated BJ with toy, showing a Long Paloma (Too bad we'd have to be watching someone ELSE get serviced to see this view).
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