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Gina Gerson und Summer

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30. November 2017
They are both hot. yet still a bit shy with each other and waaay to much focused on the camera - instead of just playing and enjoying each other more athentic.

Furthermore, I miss a dildo.
Joined in Sep 2017

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16. September 2017
Hey ihr beiden euch möchte ich mal in wecksel durch Ficken !!!
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8. August 2017
Congratulations to Gina & Summer for putting on such a hot performance! Two exceptionally beautiful babes with outsanding bodies and gorgeous pussies, they deliver 110%... definitely one of the best of the best duo cards. Great theme for a show.

This card is particularly excellent because of the superb quality of sound and vision, perfectly in sync, which adds to the whole performance experience of watching these babes sexually gratifying each other.

These two babes perform really well together, allowing us to witness Gina's extraordinary intense orgasms. Clearly, she is an highly sexual babe. Summer is without doubt a vision of beauty. She has a body to drool over! So so beautiful, particularly her pink pussy.

This is, without question, a MUST HAVE card.
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