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Cynthia Vellons und Samia Christal

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Joined in Mär 2009

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19. September 2013
Disapointing both look malnurished, more like under fed pre teens, but with much older faces, Samia as less boobs than i do, and why have a dildo 6ins plus if you only use an inch of it or less, i'll not be getting any more with either of these two proforming, i gave it a 5 just for turning up,they should have saved the bus fare and stayedat home.
Joined in Jul 2009

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19. September 2013
Cynthia is sex on a stick and so I'm stuck like glue to her hot goo goo fuck! I guess you're either off the bus or on the bus to Sin City with Cyn, and I know I am riding high on that magic bus without breaks from no damn brakes. Like Cyn brings it and sings it here, "Oh, fuck yeah."
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28. Dezember 2013
Bon c'est un fait elles ne sont pas les plus jolies ni les mieux faites du site, loin s'en faut mais elles restent naturelles et elles compensent par une activité soutenue sans temps mort, en résumé les filles sont moyennes mais le show est bon.
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