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Sheila Cooper

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6. August 2013
This is a good, solid solo performance from Sheila Cooper, who is a hot Virtua Girl transplant to DeskBabes. She has proven that she can do both platforms with ease, but her performance here is lacking in spontaneity or imagination.

While her Marilyn Monroe beauty mark and big fake breasts capture the show, Sheila's performance is solid, but not particularly interesting. Adding to that, poor sound quality and horrible studio discipline on the part of Totem's recording team create a card that is far short of its potential.

Still, it's worth seeing if you think Sheila Cooper is the type of hottie you'd enjoy. She is nasty-beautiful and she has a definite appeal and capability, but don't expect anything out of the ordinary here.
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20. März 2015
Wow, great show, this girl is perfect, nice dildo play. Not a best hairstyle, but she is Always so much horny :)))
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25. Juli 2013
... interesting - the swivel chair in clip #C0469_SC7_32507 must be the accessory _ _ _ Right?

I'd LOVE to see a person use one sexually!

Good card though...
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