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Gina Devine

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Joined in Apr 2008

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4. April 2016
Sexy girl. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
Joined in Nov 2010

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26. Februar 2017
Super !
Joined in Jun 2009

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31. August 2013
Gina Devine made a big splash with her entrance onto VirtuaGirlHD and now she's hitting DeskBabes the same way. This solo card shows that this petite little pole dancer is capable of seriously getting busy with herself, much to our enjoyment.

Gina is a tiny, tiny woman, with small breasts and a lithe body. She is highly sexually charged, however, and her dynamism makes up for that small stature. In this card, she gets very busy with an inflatable dildo and shows us that she really, really likes sex.

This is a great card that is one of the best solo scenes of recent memory. Highly recommended.
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