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3. Januar 2013
Laetitia is one of my favourite, for unknown reasons. I couldn't explain how captivating she is to me, but she looks like the perfect girlfriend. I love her moanings, screamings, her performance is -as usual- on top, even though I think that she doesn't look that great in a pink outfit. Rachel Evans is an excellent performer too, beginning slowly with sensuality, until very hot ending scenes !
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9. Januar 2013
I cannot understand the reason for sucking on a dildo or plastic vibrator, this simply makes no sense! I don't blame the girls for it I blame the director who stands by and lets them do it time and time again. Why would you suck on a piece of plastic as if it is erotic; when you have a partner in the show with you who has a pussy and titties that need attention? Totem, get it right please.
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18. August 2010
no clue what the big deal withleaticia is? only bought the cards with her in them cuz of lola and rachel. her sounds are obnoxious, her looks are below average and she doesnt look like she really licking, even in photos. the other models look like they really liking, though. she seems like a nice girl in the videos, but sheesh...
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