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15. Juli 2014

Cherries "sunset at the pier" is the best card in months if not ever. What a debut card, wow! There's not a single clip in the whole show I didn't enjoy which is actually very rare. She wears those high heels during the whole show, she never takes them off and she looks gorgeous with them. The Lady:Beautiful face, nice smile, the perfect boobs, those never ending legs and last but not least THAT ass! Even those turquoise colored fingernails, the whole girl is just mindblowing.

The outfit: Quite natural with cut off jeans, high heels. Very tempting pantie and bra.

The show: Lots of poledance, no swing or cage. She smiles a lot and almost never loses eye contact. The explicit level is just perfect for me, you feel like watching a strip show instead of a porn movie. The way she moves, the way she dances and strips, the whole show is pure seductive entertainment. The time flies when you're watching "sunset at the pier" so be warned: Better take a day off because of the addictiveness!
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13. Juni 2018
Cherries looks stunning in her outfit. Her sexy bra & panties are awesome! She has great deportment. She has an excellent physique... a really hot body!!!!!

Not often do we get to see a babe with such an attractive tanned pubeless genital area & fabulous looking pussy. Awesome… incredibly awesome!

Cherries is a superb performer & this performance is truly magnificent. She’s a star. Excellent.
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19. September 2017
Good card: 4 stars

+ Great body and sexy moves

+ Full outfit with bra & panties underneath

+ Shoes stay on

  • Not particularly my type looks wise
  • Low res for modern standards
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