Slow Dance Party by

Ava Dalush

 4.39 (399 Stimmen)

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Joined in Jan 2015

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6. Februar 2015
What a divine mortal frame! Not overly-toned or exercised, I adore how she has just a little bit of fat around the edges, so she's wonderfully curvy and soft and bouncy and fun! I could spend days in bed with a woman like this, whispering sweet nothings and running our hands over each other, making delicious love again and again until we collapse, heted and sweaty, but ever so satisfied, to sleep in each other's arms.
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8. Juli 2014
English charm, great curves, irresistible teasing and eye contact... What more could we expect ?
Joined in Nov 2007

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20. September 2014
Very Betty Page!
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