Icelandic Frolic by

Ava Dalush

 4.39 (431 Stimmen)

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Joined in Sep 2016

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8. Januar 2017
Wow wieder eine schöne Show von Ava.Sie ist eine tolle Frau.Das Outfit steht ihr gut.
Joined in Jun 2012

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20. Juni 2014
Pretty face and lovely british style. The outfit is infinitely better than the one in the previous card. She's smily and her body is amazing, even when she's totally dressed. Great legs and ass. I'd like to hear her talking, maybe soon on DB...
Joined in Nov 2007

337 Kommentare
23. Juni 2014
Ava, to me, exudes sexiness in her cards, and, therefore, has become a favorite. She is lusciously naughty. Her derriere is a plus, and the impish look on her face is very compelling.
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